Our Services

We are not limited to our specialty fields, and have experience in everything from Vet apps to Kids DVD’s the principle is the same and our guaranteed* results will reflect this.

Direct Phone Marketing

Use our staff skilled staff with years of direct marketing experience to achieve the results you are after. We use Australian based staff to ensure we connect with your target customers. We will devise a solution to hit the mark int the marketing for you.

Direct SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a relatively new and effective form of marketing that when done correctly can reach the exact potential customer you are after.

Our platform allows 2 way SMS, SMS return calls and other amazing user friendly features. Use our state-of-the-art portal to achieve your results today!

Email Marketing

Market via email through tried and tested strategies or devise new strategy specific to your business needs, contact us today to discuss this with us today.

Database Management

Build and manage an up to date database, we can help you start with database that works with your industry

Call Centre Solutions

Our purpose built call centre could help your business with productivity, sales tracking, quality assurance, coaching and with many more great tasks

Phone Words

In this modern world we live in its important to have a number people can remember, get a quote today as the price may surprise you.

Lead Generation

We have extensive experience through lead generation and with the help of our partners we can help build a lead generation campaign through, direct marketing, sms, facebook messenger and many more modern day lead generation strategies.

Rate Comparisons

We use our contacts to reduce your prices, if its telco, accounting, HR or anything else your business needs to operate we will get you the best “mates rates” Possible.

We strive to make our clients happy